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new single - available now

 After a year-long journey of self-discovery, healing, personal and spiritual deconstruction, Sandi's next single, "Undertow," is ready for its debut, redefining both her heart and sound as an artist. 

Co-written with songwriter, composer, and friend, Branden Camp, the song carries a powerful metaphor, haunting melody, and intricate orchestration, all carried on the wings of an ambient pop energy determined to take you with her into the depths of risk and temptation.

"Undertow" is now available on all streaming platforms. 

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APRIL 2022

Weight In Gold has quite the backstory. I was asked to compose a title track for a fantastic up and coming documentary series, "Deep Talks: Conversations With The Masters," produced by Emmy-nominated Angela Sadler Williamson. With the film's emphasis on people who overcome their struggles to create a positive impact on humanity; a subject that is very near and dear to my own heart, I knew this was a divine opportunity to pour my heart into something meaningful beyond words, and its timing could not have been more perfect. 

Between the strains of the pandemic, a recent diagnosis of epilepsy for both my 9-year-old daughter and I, I personally I had to walk through some darkness which led me on a journey of growth in both heart and soul. I wrote this song as an encouragement to anyone struggling to find purpose amidst the difficulties (whatever they may be).
This is a reminder that we still shine. And the gift of who we are despite the circumstances is worth its weight in gold. 

I had about 5-6 weeks to write the song and complete the full production before the film went into final edits. This felt like a nearly impossible reality, but that's where my magical circle of musical humans come in. 
Every single person involved in this song delivered such a gift to the artistry of it all. Devoting time, thought, and heart to every note played and every detail of instrumentation, and every technical aspect of production. I could not have asked for a better illustration of exactly what this song is about. 

Producer: Jack Petruzzelli 
Co-Producer/Production Coordinator: John Tadrick 
Tracking Engineer: John Mansfield, Jack Petruzzelli 
Mix Engineer: Glenn Ianaro 
Mastering Engineer: Fred Kevorkian 
Written by: Sandi Joy

Vocals: Sandi Joy  
Piano: Jack Petruzzelli, Sandi Joy 
6 & 12-string Acoustic Guitars: John Mansfield 
Electric Guitar: John Tadrick 
Drums/Percussion: Miles Vandiver
Bass: Zebadiah Briskovich
String Ensemble: Olivier Manchon

3/6/2021: Available now for download - as heard on Jersey Shore Country Radio and other affiliate stations, "Sorry Ain't Enough," written by Jon Torgrimsen & Sandi Joy. 
This entire production is unique as it was done remotely during quarantine. Jon arranged and played every instrument tracked here with the exception of the drums which were tracked separately by New Jersey's very own rhythm treasure, Jon Loree, of Tantric, Triple Addiction, and artist Billy Wilkins. Enjoy and share the love!