After a year-long journey of self-discovery, deconstruction, and healing, Sandi's next single, "Undertow," is ready for its debut, redefining both her heart and sound as an artist. 

Co-written with songwriter, composer, and friend, Branden Camp, the song carries a powerful metaphor, haunting melody, and intricate orchestration, all carried on the wings of an ambient pop energy determined to take you with her into the depths of risk and temptation.

"Undertow" will be made available on all streaming platforms. 
Stay tuned for its release date!


APRIL 2022

A moving call to action, brought to life with an absolutely world-class cast of musicians.

Producer: Jack Petruzzelli 
Co-Producer/Production Coordinator: John Tadrick 
Tracking Engineer: John Mansfield, Jack Petruzzelli 
Mix Engineer: Glenn Ianaro 
Mastering Engineer: Fred Kevorkian 
Written by: Sandi Joy

Vocals: Sandi Joy  
Piano: Jack Petruzzelli, Sandi Joy 
6 & 12-string Acoustic Guitars: John Mansfield 
Electric Guitar: John Tadrick 
Drums/Percussion: Miles Vandiver
Bass: Zebadiah Briskovich
String Ensemble: Olivier Manchon

Sorry Ain't Enough - written by Sandi Joy & Jon Torgrimsen (scroll down to download single)