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Sandi Joy

An independent artist, singer-songwriter, creative, and visual artist, Sandi brings to life her soul and imagination through song and art in a way that invites you personally to walk alongside her in authenticity and experience. 

Born and raised in New Jersey within generations of familial musical history, Sandi's heart for music is not just a passion, but her primary language and the very core of who she is. Her father was a touring guitar player and vocalist signed to Colombia Record in the 70s, while her mother was a professional dancer, pianist, and vocalist, and notably, also a Rockette.
Her music has landed her film-placement, sold-out live events, radio play, multiple collaborations, and many years of life on the stage, from dive bars to listening rooms to concert halls and stadiums. 
Sandi is also a military veteran, having served in the U.S. Coast Guard for six years, only ending her enlistment to pursue her passion for music full-time. With the ocean forever coursing through her veins, she has also successfully built her own business painting seashells with many thanks to a viral TikTok experience, a true nod to the mermaid she is. 

The past few years have brought her through a journey of medical and mental health challenges, spiritual deconstruction, immense growth, questions unanswered, discovery, and conviction. Equipped with the experience of this beautifully difficult path, she has sharpened her tools in songwriting and expression to unveil her most vulnerable and relatable self. 
With this, she has refined her sound, image, and energy to encapsulate the organic and authentic portrayal of where and who she is, finding home within the realm of ambient pop. Melodic, symphonic, brooding, sometimes dark, sometimes light. 

You're cordially invited to join Sandi as she embarks on her journey of self-discovery, portrayed through the canvas of song, crafted through the spirit of her soul, and presented to you as a personal gift from her to you, wherever it may meet you. 


Released APRIL 2022

Weight In Gold has quite the backstory. I was asked to compose a title track for a fantastic up and coming documentary series, "Deep Talks: Conversations With The Masters," produced by Emmy-nominated Angela Sadler Williamson. With the film's emphasis on people who overcome their struggles to create a positive impact on humanity; a subject that is very near and dear to my own heart, I knew this was a divine opportunity to pour my heart into something meaningful beyond words, and its timing could not have been more perfect. 

I had about 5-6 weeks to write the song and complete the full production before the film went into final edits. This felt like a nearly impossible reality, but that's where my magical circle of musical humans come in. 
Every single person involved in this song delivered such a gift to the artistry of it all. Devoting time, thought, and heart to every note played and every detail of instrumentation, and every technical aspect of production. I could not have asked for a better illustration of exactly what this song is about. 

Fire On The Hills - Released April 30,2021

Fire On The Hills is a song that I wrote with the complete understanding that it was going to symbolize something different for each listener. Lyrically, it embodies the human element of fight or flight in a situation of peril, whether that be a struggling relationship, a rite of passage, a challenging transition of growth, or any number of human experiences.

Musically, the song features a band of world-class musicians, produced by Jack Petruzzelli - renowned musician and highly accomplished producer. 
One of the most magical aspects of the song is that it can rest happily within several genres of music ranging from country, to mainstream radio, to indie singer-songwriter, with a tip of the hat to some of Sandi's most influential artists such as Ruthie Collins, Shawn Colvin, Sheryl Crow, and Alison Krauss. 


Originally composed on the piano, the song made its live debut acoustically at a Songwriter's Showcase in Asbury Park, NJ, accompanied by friend, mentor, and fellow singer-songwriter, Jon Torgrimsen. My vision for the song was consuming me and growing by the day, which is where two of its key players entered the scene to help me bring it to life in ways beyond anything I expected. John Tadrick; drummer, guitar player, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, masterfully crafted an electric guitar part that quickly landed its home as the captivating instrumental hook of the song, accompanied by the moody, wide-open dynamic swells that are signature to John's vibe, perfectly creating the haunting atmosphere of the song. John Mansfield; a true guitar hero as well as gifted audio/recording engineer, created the bone-tingling acoustic foundation for the song that carries the mystery of Fire On The Hills from 0:01 to the end. He is also the talent behind the Mark Knopfler/Chris Isaak-esque dynamic solo featured after the song's bridge.

Collectively, the chemistry of our friendship and combined wealth of musical history created the perfect environment to cultivate and arrange the magic that embodies Fire On The Hills. 

Once composed and the foundation was tracked, we brought in world-renowned Jack Petruzzelli to produce the piece, followed by the remaining instrumentalists: Miles Vandiver (drums), Dominick Tancredi (bass), Olivier Manchon (viola), Jack Petruzzelli (piano). The dream team created within the canvas of this song brought forth an artistry beyond my wildest dreams, and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with the world. 

The song is scheduled for worldwide release April 30th, 2021 on all major streaming platforms and beyond.

A full production music video for Fire On The Hills will also launch after the initial release. 



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