Sandi Joy is a Jersey-native singer/songwriter. As the youngest child of an entire family of musicians, the art and joy of music is in her blood. 
After spending six years passionately serving in the United States Coast Guard, Sandi opted to conclude her enlistment in order to pursue music full-time. 
Now, a mother of two and wife of an immensely talented audio engineer, Sandi has spent the time in-between exploring various musical projects and is currently the lead singer of a 6-piece award-winning country cover band that hails out of Monmouth County, NJ, called Kickin' Nash, as well as still actively involved in multiple collaboration projects, including her latest endeavor, stepping out on her own as a solo artist. 
Her influences range among Bonnie Raitt, Peter Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Alison Krauss, and many more. You will find her music floating happily between the genres of Americana and Country, with tendencies toward melodic bluegrass and blues, sometimes haunting, and often carried by various warm and woody stringed instruments.